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About Me

After surviving a car accident at the age of 27, I received what I call “a gift from God,” a second chance. Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping others find their passion again and recharge their life.

I motivates people to dream big, to aim high, to achieve and actively make an impact on the world, to step beyond their limitations and into their greatness.

using my own life, my in-depth study of others’ challenges and the technics I learned from my role model Anthony Robbins, to build an understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

I never stops believing that with proper guidance and training you can achieve anything you desire in life. Stop thinking and start doing. Take an action today .!

Free Session

In this free 1 hour coaching session we will work one-on-one and together we will answering these questions. I’ll support you to discover the answers to the questions

“Who Am I, What do I want, and How do I get it?”.

So, what are you waiting for?

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I remember running into you every time am in a situation, having all these crowded unanswered questions rushing into my head exploding.. we set, we discuss, analyze, assume all possibilities.. I still have more situations, more questions yet sorry I no more run into you same like years back seeking answers or help as you told me in our very first coaching meeting.. "one of the coaching purposes is that one day you will learn how to be your self's coach, you will help yourself" Now, no wasted energy, feelings, money or time anymore the moment I discovered how to identify what I want/need in life and what I don't, simply now I live in more difficult situations but I am happier.. am free I admit it has been a bumpy ride and it worth it.
Thank you very much Saleh

Dr. Rawan

As personal life coaching is recently established in our country, I was not sure if that was what I needed to help me reach my goals. But after working with Coach Saleh Ba-Khutma, a powerful transformation is taking place in my life. Over the last 2 years, he has been coaching me through some difficult time in my life, since last year in medical school. I could not have pass through these changes with as much positivity without his guidance. His coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the fears that have hindered me so much in the past with much less pressure and stress. He helped me see possibilities, inspired new ideas and find the momentum to do something I'd wanted to do for a long time. One of the sessions I came stuck and overwhelmed with opportunities, not sure which were best for me. We worked together to clarify and set goals based on my perspectives and preferences. Till now I'm amazed how satisfied with the decision I made with his assisting. Thankfully, all of our sessions were super practical, insightful and beyond grateful.


I have worked with Coach Saleh for almost 3 months in coaching. It was a great opportunity for me to explore and discuss the different aspect of my life and share it with him freely without any pressure. He showed me how to coach my self and organize my thought. How to be me in front of myself and others, and its okay to feel weak when life get rough sometimes. I became more aware of myself, more confidence than before and ready to face the world with a big smile. I couldn’t do it without him. So thank you Saleh for everything and thank you my friend who introduce us.

Mohammed Bukhari

I passed through a period of my life I was very confused at age of 25. I was working in a job that I really hate and I had a lot of options for change but since I was not sure what I want in life those options were very confusing. That was my situation tell I found coach Saleh in 2013 and everything start to change. He helped me clear up my mind and think in a productive way. I made major changes in my life because of his help and coaching.
Best regards,

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